Paul Krauss MA LPC is a featured guest on Shrink Rap Radio #652

Paul Krauss, MA  LPC was interviewed by Shrink Rap Radio host, Dr. David Van Nuys. Paul has been a long-time listener of the Shrink Rap Radio and credits the podcast for helping him find his creativity in the way he practices. In this episode, Dr. Dave interviews Paul about his […]

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Understanding your young child: part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2 by Joshua Nave LLMSW “Why is he/she acting like that?”  In part two, we are going to take a deeper look into why children “misbehave” and where some of the symptoms of “acting out” are originating from.  In our previous post, we discussed a […]

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Understanding Your Young Child by Joshua Nave LLMSW

Understanding Your Young Child

Understanding Your Young Child By Joshua Nave LLMSW “She’s so funny sometimes. I know she’s only 2, but sometimes, she reminds me of a little adult!” How many times have you heard this or even thought this yourself in reference to a child? As adults, we often like to believe […]

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