I Hate Video Games

Not really. But if the title got your attention, this article might be a good read for you. Similarly, you’re probably not reading this for a video games history lesson so I am going to cut right to the main points I will be talking about today: the cognitive benefits […]

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Understanding your young child: part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2 by Joshua Nave LLMSW “Why is he/she acting like that?”  In part two, we are going to take a deeper look into why children “misbehave” and where some of the symptoms of “acting out” are originating from.  In our previous post, we discussed a […]

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Understanding Your Young Child by Joshua Nave LLMSW

Understanding Your Young Child

Understanding Your Young Child By Joshua Nave LLMSW “She’s so funny sometimes. I know she’s only 2, but sometimes, she reminds me of a little adult!” How many times have you heard this or even thought this yourself in reference to a child? As adults, we often like to believe […]

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intentional parenting group in Grand Rapids, MI

Intentional Parenting Group coming to Grand Rapids, MI

Intentional Parenting Group at Health for Life Grand Rapids, Fall 2017 a 4 week journey to a healthier relationship with your children Hosted by Jennifer Belmonte LMSW, CHC in Grand Rapids, MI What images come to mind when you think of the word “parenting?” Bedtime stories, goodnight kisses, taxi mom, swim […]

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