How to Survive Teen Addiction

How to Survive Teen Addiction (Alcohol and Drugs) [Episode 34 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast] Paul Krauss, MA LPC interviews author Andrew Tennison, a mental health professional and author. Andrew talks about addiction and how to prevent this disease in adolescents. Andrew’s own son faced addiction, so he understands how […]

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Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction: Pornography’s Detrimental Impacts on Life, Relationships, and the Brain By Brendan Cole Feeling like you have an internet or pornography addiction? Being able to recognize that there is a problem is the first step to any addiction recovery. What many do not realize is the extent to which […]

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EMDR Therapy Explained

EMDR Explained

EMDR Therapy Explained With Paul Krauss MA LPC and Joshua Nave MA LLMSW EMDR Therapy Explained by Paul Krauss and Joshua Nave at Health for Life Grand Rapids   Paul: “Alright Joshua, I’m really glad to have you here in my office at Health for Life Grand Rapids. We’re going […]

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co-dependency Grand Rapids

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it?

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it? by Paul Krauss MA LPC How do I know if I am Co-dependent or am in a relationship with Co-dependent behaviors? What is Counter-dependency? All of this and more is answered in this article by Grand Rapids Counselor Paul Krauss […]

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Substance Abuse

Substance Use Disorder

Are you or someone you know suffering from a Substance Use Disorder? If you use more substance than you intend too, have failed to cut back from substances, or spend excessive time in obtaining, using, or recovering from substance use– you may be suffering from a substance use disorder. It […]

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Grand Rapids Counselor, a health care resource for the people Grand Rapids, MI

A New Health Care Resource for Grand Rapids, Michigan

The team at Health for Life Grand Rapids has created an easy to use website for the people of Grand Rapids called . This website provides a mobile-phone and tablet friendly overview of all the Counselors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Hypnotherapists at Health for Life Grand Rapids providing many different […]

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hypnotherapy grand rapids mi with stacy prefontaine

Come On, Get Happy! (with hypnosis)

Come On, Get Happy!(with hypnosis) by Stacey Jekel PreFontaine CMS-CHt, FIBH Imagine for a moment, going through life as your happiest, most contented self. Imagine that even when you experience struggles, disappointment, or loss, there is a firm resilience inside of you that keeps you on course and returns you […]

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Addiction, Recovery, Philosophy, & Mindfulness Pt. 2 [Episode 7] with Paul Krauss Grand Rapids

Wisdom and Philosophy in Recovery from Addiction

The Intentional Clinician Podcast with Paul Krauss MA LPC Addiction, Recovery, Philosophy, & Mindfulness Pt. 2 [Episode 7] In part 2 of my conversation with Bryon Sabatino, we discuss addiction, honesty, motivation, stages of change, counseling, and how mindfulness and philosophy can help in recovery. Bryon and Paul discuss hope […]

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mindfulness and recovery paul krauss bryon sabatino

Using Mindfulness and Philosophy for Recovery

The Intentional Clinician #6: Mindfulness, Recovery, & Philosophy with Bryon Sabatino Pt. 1. [Episode 6] Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Bryon Sabatino LPC LISAC–part one of the conversation discusses addiction, recovery, and utilizing mindfulness and philosophy through counseling. In part 1 of my conversation with Bryon Sabatino, we discuss Bryon’s intensive outpatient […]

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Drug-proof your child. Get help for your child or young adult at Health for Life Grand Rapids

How to “drug-proof” your child with Mike Speakman.

The Intentional Clinician, Episode #4  How to “drug-proof” your child and more with Mike Speakman. In part 1 of my conversation with Mike Speakman LISAC, we discuss how to help “drug-proof” your child, and what to do about the drug addiction issues facing our community. In this vibrant conversation we discuss […]

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