Counseling for Men

at Health for Life Grand Rapids

Counseling for Men

Statistically speaking, men are less likely to seek counseling than women, but yet they face just as many issues as women. The issues of men may be somewhat different than those of women, but culturally speaking many men view expressing emotions or asking for help as “weak.” At Health for Life Grand Rapids we view Men that enter counseling as brave and strong, not only for striking out against the cultural stigma, but also because they understand that if they work on themselves they will be able to function better in all areas (including, but not limited to, their job, relationships, and just generally feeling better). 

In fact, many men who enter counseling find themselves better able to balance the responsibilities of their lives. Men may find counseling allows them to deal with the issues that appear to divide men over what is masculine behavior and what is not. Through therapy, Men can often find strength in learning how to deal with emotional expression and find ways methods to let out emotions in ways that they may not have been taught when they were growing up. 

At Health for Life Grand Rapids, our counselors aim to strengthen the man you already are. Counseling guides you- it does not seek to change your personality or values. From time to time, everyone needs someone to listen to their life. Due to various factors, we don’t always have a trusted mentor or someone we can talk to about “everything.” Our counselors are here to help you with your goals and the process of moving toward them.

Men, just like everyone else face difficult issues. These are some of those:

  • Stress
  • Irritation/ Frustration
  • Anger
  • Troubles with male friendship
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Self-esteem or body-image issues
  • Mental Health Concerns such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, and more.
  • Lack of motivation and boredom
  • Troubles with Sex
  • Gambling Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Career change or exploration
  • Strife with your Father or Mother
  • Feeling overly responsible for everyone
  • Whatever you are dealing with

Success Stories

  • nicole vega
    Name - Nicole Vega

    Client quote: “Nicole has been my health coach for almost one year.   I am so grateful for her participation and encouragement in my journey as I continue to work towards my personal goals.  Nicole has inspired me to be a better version of who I am through her passion and commitment in helping others.  She has provided me with [...]

  • Name - Nicole Vega

    Client quote: “I met Nicole in grad school. Her warm energy and compassionate soul made her very approachable. She’s always been health conscious, from clean nutrition to mental health stability. When Nicole reached out to me after I’d had my daughter, I was so relieved. I was looking for a way to take charge of my health and nutrition [...]

  • Nicole Cain, ND MA Expert on alternative psychiatric care
    Name - Nicole Cain, ND MA

    "Nicole Cain, ND MA is an incredibly talented healer, the best I’ve ever had. She is more than a doctor who gives you 7 minutes, nods, pokes, and writes a script for pills. She is like nothing you have likely seen before in healthcare. She’ll completely change your view of what is possible and what WELLNESS can be." - [...]

  • Name - Dr. Matthias

    Professional quote: “Dr. Ronald Matthias: I am the doctor I am today in large part because of Nicole Cain, ND MA. There is no better Naturopathic doctor that I have worked with who has an amazing ability to relate to her patients. She is tough, thorough, and detailed, and her patients love her for it. I am proud to [...]

  • Name - Actual Patient

    Patient quote: “Nicole Cain, ND MA is different than any other clinician I have worked with. I know she really cares about me and she spent a lot of time with me working to understand my experience. When I started working with Nicole Cain, ND MA I was taking 5 different medications and I have been able to discontinue [...]

  • Name - Paul Krauss

    Professional quote: "I'm pleased to recommend Paul as a talented and diligent therapist. During our time together as clinicians at Jewish Family and Children's Service, we facilitated adolescent therapy groups and staffed with each other regarding the clients and families we were both involved in providing services for. During these and other interactions, Paul consistently demonstrated professionalism, genuine care, [...]

  • Name - Actual Patient

    Patient quote: “Paul, I think I know why I can be open with you and not all of the other counselors I have seen. Because I deep down truly and fully and in my heart BELIEVE that you CARE, about me, and about everyone. That is how you made yourself SO good at what you do. And that makes [...]