Meet Clinical Health Coach Sarah Bramstedt, M.Ed., CHHC

From the desk of Coach Sarah Bramstedt:

“Being healthy shouldn’t have to be hard.” This is what I had read online by a website trying to sell me a one-size-fits-all program. This is what we are subconsciously told everywhere we look–eat clean, exercise more…practice self-care… it’s simple.

But what if it hasn’t been simple for you? What if there is conflicting information everywhere you turn, you haven’t had personalized guidance for your unique body, nor a support system, and you get derailed whenever life gets too stressful…or there’s #donuts at the office?  What if your gut is unhealthy and your body is in an inflammatory state, so it doesn’t respond well to what you try?

Pursuing your health goals can be a frustrating up-and-down roller coaster, where you spend hours on the internet researching your struggles and “their” solutions, listening to podcasts and stories of other people’s successes wondering why it’s been so challenging and unsuccessful for you, or you gear up for the next popular restrictive diet protocol that is going to “change your life”…only to beat yourself up when it’s unsustainable and you still don’t see lasting transformation.

What if lasting health and wellbeing begins with your mindset, with looking at your whole life with the help of a wellness expert to see what could be getting in the way of total vitality for you?  What if you may need some detective work to get to the bottom of digestive problems, cravings, weight loss resistance, food-related mood issues, or poor energy and sleep?

My passion is helping clients uncover and beat their roadblocks to lifelong wellness, and to help them become empowered through education, mindset coaching, and practical diet and  lifestyle changes that work for their unique body. By integrating clinical “detective work” like food sensitivity labs, candida testing, or journaling and self-reflection exercises, I help clients make powerful healthy changes, while removing inflammatory triggers that cause a whole host of problems for the body and mind.  I am thrilled to be able to partner with Nicole Cain, ND MA at Health for Life GR so that my clients’ health coaching programs are clinically-informed and personally-tailored for achieving holistic vitality. Take the guesswork out of achieving your wellness goals, and schedule a free health coaching consult today!

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Sarah, Health Coach

Sarah, Health Coach

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