Introducing: The Manly Counselor

There is a clear problem today in America with suicide being one of the top ten causes of death (1) for men in America. Suicide grows to being one of the top three causes of death between the ages of 10-45 (2) which is a staggering thought that one of the top ways men under 45 are dying is by taking their own life. This is a sign of a deeper issue with mental health. The number one reason someone commits suicide is from depression and with only 5% (3) of men seeking mental health services depression in men goes greatly under diagnosed in today’s culture leading to more suicide among men.

Because of this mindset today Men are often told to simply “Man Up!” rather than working through their emotions and feelings of sadness and depression. Men are encouraged to be the provide for their family but today in the ever changing job climate more and more men are finding it hard to be the provider for their family and where does that leave men today? If men are told that they need to be tough and able to handle life on their own the when life gets tough and a men’s identity is tested what is a man to do?

In addition to being told to “Man Up!” there is a unspoken role that men are expected to fill in society is of the strong, stoic, I don’t need anyone other than myself mindset. We see this idea in TV and Movies with characters like James Bond (007), Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible), and Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation). Men who display a clear desire to be by themselves and do everything on their own. So how is a man supposed to talk about his emotions if he is meant to be alone? How does a man overcome a tough, mental health, situation that he can’t get out of on his own?

With this ongoing issue of mental health and manliness The Manly Counselor was formed with the idea of demystifying and de-stigmatizing mental health for men. Today therapy is often viewed as something that women do while men are told to simply go on with their life and avoid talking about their emotions. Because of this Adam Nash LLPC wanted to start a community where men can connect with other men and find education about their own mental health.

If you would like to join the movement towards demystifying and de-stigmatizing mental health for men The Manly Counselor can be found at Join the movement today!

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