Introducing: Dr. Nave and Myself (Joshua Nave)!

Hello, my name is Joshua Nave, and I am one of the new Therapists located at Health for Life Grand Rapids. In this short post, I thought I’d do a quick introduction about myself, my wife, and how we hope to bring about healing here in Grand Rapids. Let’s start by talking about the most important of those three things: my wife!

Dr. Nave, at first glance some might think that’s me, but you’d only be half right! Dr. Nave is actually my wife, my other half, and I met her when we were in college almost 7 years ago from the posting of this blog. She was studying pre-medical and I was studying psychology at the time, but both of us were God assured that the direction of our lives were to be about bringing healing to people.

Dr. Nave told me at the time that she was never happy then when she was fixing up her brother after he got hurt, or tending to her mother or father when they were sick, and new her destiny was to care for others. Dr. Nave displayed a caring spirit, and was affectionately named “the den mother” by her peers, as she regularly went out of her way to care for her fellow students. That was one of the many reasons I chose to serve her for the rest of my days.

As for myself, I too had a similar story to that of Dr. Nave in those early days. I struggled throughout the early days of my life to find my place, as I’m sure many of us do, and eventually realized that I was never more in my element then when I was listening to a friend, a loved one, or even at times a complete stranger tell me of their woes. I found that I had a capacity for helping people to sort through their thoughts, their feelings, and ultimately, discern a path that would lead them out of their struggles. Even when we could not find an answer, often the simple act of providing unconditional concern for the person was enough to take some of their pains away.

It was with this combined calling of bringing healing to others that Dr. Nave and I eventually moved to here to Arizona to complete our graduate degrees; Dr. Nave as a Naturopathic Doctor and I as a Master in Social Work. During the entirety of this time, we prayed for direction of where God would send us to continue our mission in healing the mind, body, and spirits of those we worked with. God answered with sign after sign to move here to Grand Rapids, and it was here, we found Health for Life Grand Rapids, an integrated health clinic focused on promoting wellness in the mind, body, and spirit. With Dr. Nave’s training in the natural healing arts, and my training in trauma therapies, we hope that can assist in promoting total wellness in our new home!

For more information about our specific healing techniques, please visit Dr. Nave’s and my personal pages on the web page. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to see if we can help you find healing, be sure to schedule with one of us while on the page. God bless!

Check out the profiles of Joshua Nave LLMSW and Dr. Gaynel Nave.


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