Health Coach Grand Rapids

Sarah Bramstedt, M.Ed., CHHC

Clinical Health Coach
Strengths(TM) Educator


Institute for Integrative Nutrition- AADP Board Certification in Health Coaching
Grand Valley State University: Master’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education
Calvin College: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

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My passion and focus is on helping individuals develop the dietary and lifestyle habits and mindset that enable the body to heal, while also uncovering and working through roadblocks to wellness like food sensitivities, candida/sugar addiction, poor digestive health, or overall inflammation and toxic burden. While the basic tenets of healthy living are simple, each individual is unique and can face challenges to breakthrough and healing that lead them down a path of trial and error frustration or repeatedly “falling off the wagon”.

With access to laboratory testing when applicable, I work with you to find the unique diet that’s best for you, to create a thriving microbiome and digestive system that will support a healthy mind and vibrant energy, to overcome sugar or caffeine addictions that are sabotaging your goals, to create a detoxified lifestyle for you or your whole family, and most importantly, to cultivate a positive and empowered mindset that will facilitate success in the lifelong journey of wellness.

While a referral is not necessary to work with me as your health coach, I also clinically support patients of Dr. Cain to guide them through process of making dietary and lifestyle changes for healing protocols, and to help them overcome roadblocks to their wellness goals.


  • Digestive health and the gut-brain connection
  • Detecting and learning to thrive with food sensitivities
  • Anti-inflammatory eating and living a detoxified lifestyle

Personal Note:

Through the field of integrative medicine, I was able to overcome severe (“uncurable”) thyroid disease several years ago and have two healthy pregnancies. By discovering my own food sensitivities and inflammatory state, I embarked on the physical and mental journey to holistic healing and made a lifelong commitment to anti-inflammatory living. From this experience, I developed a passion for helping others create the health habits and mindset that enable the body to heal and to walk alongside them to take the guesswork out of experiencing vibrant health.


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