Counseling for Angry Teenagers in Grand Rapids

Counseling for Angry Teenagers by Adam Nash LLPC

Are you an angry teenager or do you have angry teenagers in your life? Are you struggling with Anger? Are you feeling the need to be defiant towards your parents or your school? It’s time to find a way to overcome this struggle.

Grand Rapids, MI

Adam Nash MA LLPC: “I wanted to take this opportunity to speak directly to teenagers struggling with Anger and Defiance toward their parents or schools and talk about how my experience and training can help you today!”

If you are struggling with becoming your own person, moving towards adulthood, high expectations, or defiant behavior- I have experience and training in how to help you reach your full potential and leave these struggles behind.

If you feel angry and frustrated with your parents or your plans for the future, I have over 10 years of experience helping teens in various settings and I am passionate about seeing teens grow into healthy adults.

If you are unsure of your future plans, where to go to college, what job to get, my career you would like to do, I am trained and have experience with career counseling to help you set and reach the goals you desire and help you find your future career.

If you are a high achiever with a desire to reach your goals and become a future leader in your community I have training in how to help high achievers reach their goals.

If you are struggling to reach the high goals you have set I have training to help you overcome the mental barriers holding you back from reaching your goals.

Whatever you are going through counseling can help. No matter what help you need I am here to help. I have a strong passion and years of experience in helping people reach their goals I will make a plan, alongside you, to reach your unique needs and desire.

Counseling has been proven to be effective in research that it is effective in helping anyone and everyone.

You can call 616-200-4433 or directly 616- 676-7081 or email me at [email protected] and I will give you a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

“Thank you for reading” – Adam Nash MA LLPC adam nash helping teens with anger, depression, and anxiety

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