Does your office accept insurance?

– All our counselors accept insurance. Our Naturopathic Consultant, however, does not. This means that we are a cash pay office, and payment is due at time of service. We would love to go over those prices with you, call 616-200-4433.

Is Nicole Cain, ND MA in Arizona?

– Nicole Cain, ND MA is located in Scottsdale, AZ and spends summers in Michigan.

What forms of payment do you accept?

– Cash, Credit Card, and Check.

How long has Nicole Cain, ND MA been a Naturopath?

– Since 2011.

Is Nicole Cain an MD?

– No. Nicole Cain is a ND, MA. This means she is a Naturopathic Consultant, but also has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

– Nicole Cain, ND MA has gone through the entire standard medical training that any standard MD or DO would complete. She even completed a residency in general medicine. She also has extensive training in additional vitalistic or “holistic” modalities. However, Nicole Cain does not practice like a doctor. She prefers to act as an expert consultant, empowering her clients through health education.

Why isn’t Nicole Cain, ND MA licensed in Michigan?

– There is no licensure opportunity for Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Michigan, yet. We are currently waiting for the bill to be passed.

– Nicole Cain, ND MA is a licensed physician in the state of Arizona. She has all the same rights and regulations as an MD or DO.

Is Nicole Cain, ND MA a psychiatrist/can she prescribe medications?

– Nicole Cain, ND MA is not a psychiatrist, however she was trained in psychiatry. She can only prescribe medications to clients in Arizona, while she is in Arizona.

– Nicole Cain, ND MA will gladly work with your psychiatrist or counselor to best benefit your care.

Does your office work directly with a psychiatrist office?

– No. However, Nicole Cain, ND MA will gladly work with any psychiatrist for coordination of care. This is completely up to the client.

Does Nicole Cain, ND MA work with children?

– Yes. Nicole Cain, ND MA will work with children of any age by consulting with their parent(s). From pregnancy, newborns, toddlers, and older.

How does Nicole Cain, ND MA practice in an unlicensed state (MI)?

– Nicole Cain, ND MA is solely seen as an educator in the state of Michigan. Nicole Cain, ND MA insists that you must continue working with your primary care physician or psychiatrist or other specialist and that any changes you want to make are talked about with them first. Nicole Cain, ND MA is glad to provide you with education and work with your healthcare provider if you would like.