Clinical Health Coaching

Health for Life Grand Rapids now features Clinical Health Coaching with Sarah Bramstedt who provides a range of programs customized to help you improve your health.

What is Clinical Health Coaching?

1:1 Health Coaching is a wellness partnership for people who feel stuck or frustrated by trial-and-error in their pursuit of their health goals, or who need ongoing guidance and accountability to make real progress and long-term improvements to their health.  Our clinical health coach, Sarah Bramstedt, provides both challenge and support (similar to a personal trainer), along with research-based strategies and recommendations for achieving holistic vitality as you meet with her at regular intervals to work toward your wellness goals.  Coach Sarah also supports patients of Nicole Cain, ND MA to guide them through the process of making dietary and lifestyle changes for healing protocols, and to help them overcome roadblocks to their wellness goals.

What can Health Coaching do for me?

  • Help you get “unstuck” or back on the right track toward your wellness goals
  • Help you improve your digestion, energy, sleep, mood, and daily habits so that you are thriving and not just surviving on caffeine or sugar hits for energy
  • Help you find the dietary approach and fitness habits that are right for your unique body and life
  • Help you discover what habits or thoughts may be sabotaging your health and happiness, and learn to cultivate a positive mindset necessary for success/healing
  • Empower you to nourish yourself and your family well and without fear or dogmatic approaches
  • Link you to resources for recipes, fitness support and tracking, and important education (reading, videos, podcasts, etc.)  that will drive your success
  • Help you detect and adjust to life with food sensitivities, learn to shop healthy and save money, learn to navigate restaurant menus and food labels with ease, and learn to thrive socially with special dietary needs or a commitment to healthy eating.

What to expect:

  1. Each program includes two breakthrough sessions per month (in person or virtual) tailored to your exact needs at that given time based on the goals you have set.
  2. You will receive personally tailored handouts, resources, and learning assignments that will facilitate growth and empower you to be successful after the program ends.
  3. You will make gradual changes and improvements to your lifestyle, rather than trying to change “all the things” at once. Coach Sarah will help you avoid “health overwhelm”, and to build your successes incrementally. While this is a “program”, it is your unique program, so you are the active leader and participant in the process of reaching your goals.  Coach Sarah provides recommendations, suggestions, and reflection/action assignments for you based on your needs, but your ultimate results are directly tied to your commitment level. 🙂
  4. As a 1:1 coaching participant, you get one free e-mail support exchange in-between each session, if needed.  Should your question be too detailed, you will be asked to wait to discuss at your next session.
  5. While many people decide to hire a coach simply for weight loss, digestive health  or nutrition coaching, during the journey they realize the greatest challenges or opportunities for improvement are often in other areas, like relationships, stress, career satisfaction, self-care, spirituality, etc… so we look at those areas too! That’s why it’s considered “holistic” coaching… you get healthier from the inside-out.

What NOT to expect:

-Being told exactly what to eat or having to follow a meal plan
-Discussing things like grams of carbs, protein, calories, etc… We’ll explore to find the eating style that works best for you without unnecessary restrictions.
-Only focusing on diet; Wellbeing and physical healing are intertwined with things like sleep, stress, relational support or the lack thereof, technology use, mindset, etc.
To learn more about our health coaching programs, click here.

If you are interested in clinical health coaching in the Grand Rapids, MI and West Michigan area, contact Sarah Bramstedt today to get started.
Not in the area? Don’t worry, Sarah Bramstedt is also offering some distance sessions as well.

  • You can email Sarah at : [email protected]
  • Or Call Direct (616) 208-4814 to schedule your complimentary consultation.
  • Questions? Call the main line, at Health for Life Grand Rapids 616-200-4433.
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