6 principles of naturopathic medicine

A Naturopathic Medicine Overview

A Naturopathic Medicine Overview We want to offer a brief overview of what Naturopathic Medicine is all about, why it is a vital integrative approach, and how to describe it to your friends and family asking, “What are you doing that’s making such a difference?”  Naturopathic medicine is a system of […]

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day 5 go to bed by 9pm

7 Days of Self Care Challenge

7 Days of Self Care Challenge by Nicole Vega, LMSW, CHC  (A counselor in Grand Rapids, MI) In a world of expectation, chaos, and struggle, it is vital that we find time to center ourselves and create a body that allows for inner and outer resilience. Self care is one […]

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hypnosis frequently asked questions in grand rapids, mi

What is hypnosis? Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis? And Other Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis by Stacey PreFontaine CMS-CHt, FIBH What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is an ancient form of healing and transformation that goes back many centuries. A number of well-known historical figures have used hypnosis in order to accomplish great things. For example, Winston Churchill […]

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from fragmentation to wholeness, the intentional clinician podcast by Paul Krauss MA LPC Grand Rapids, MI

From Fragmentation to Wholeness

From Fragmentation to Wholeness [Episode 9 of the Intentional Clinician podcast] In this solo episode, Paul Krauss MA LPC (Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI) discusses methods of moving from fragmentation to wholeness, how our attitudes and personal habits affect the way we live, and how to bring about change in […]

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jennifer belmonte discusses how she can help you on your health journey

Why I stopped making fun of yoga …

Why I stopped making fun of yoga … by Jennifer Belmonte, LMSW, CHC (licensed therapist in Grand Rapids, MI) Truth be told, I am a former yoga-mocker. I could not comprehend how intentional body contortions and even the practice of stillness could possibly alter one’s physical health. After all, isn’t […]

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hypnotherapy grand rapids mi with stacy prefontaine

Come On, Get Happy! (with hypnosis)

Come On, Get Happy!(with hypnosis) by Stacey Jekel PreFontaine CMS-CHt, FIBH Imagine for a moment, going through life as your happiest, most contented self. Imagine that even when you experience struggles, disappointment, or loss, there is a firm resilience inside of you that keeps you on course and returns you […]

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nicole vega health coach in grand rapids, Mi

What is Health and Lifestyle Coaching? in Grand Rapids, MI

What is Health and Lifestyle Coaching? in Grand Rapids, MI By Nicole Vega LMSW, CHC So chances are if you find yourself here reading this, you’ve contemplated seeing a coach, or at the very least are curious as to what coaching is and how it can help you. As a […]

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is food affecting your mood depression anxiety grand rapids

Is Food Affecting Your Mood?

Is Food Affecting Your Mood? By Nicole Vega LMSW, CHC As a health coach one of the things I find to be a vital component of my work is educating individuals and groups on the ways your nutrition can impact your mood. Many people can identify with emotional eating, feeling […]

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