Effective Communication: Are you responding to what is being said, or, to what you are feeling?

Are you responding to what is being said, or, to what you are feeling? (Effective Communication Series) by Joshua Nave LLMSW “I hear what you are saying, but to me, it sounds like you are actually saying ___________ .”  Has someone ever said this to you before?  I have been […]

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How to be an Effective Ally

Regardless of your individual perspective, background, or politics  –  the current conversation and world events surrounding unarmed black individuals being killed by the police is sure to cause all of us to feel some stress and leave us with unanswered questions. With all of the dialogue and news coverage of […]

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narcissistic abuse

Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic personality disorder has gained popular recognition in recent years. As more people are becoming aware of this disorder, they can pinpoint narcissistic abuse that has happened to them. It is important to understand that breaking free from this type of abuse is especially challenging since abusers with narcissistic personality […]

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Understanding your young child: part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2

Understanding Your Young Child: Part 2 by Joshua Nave LLMSW “Why is he/she acting like that?”  In part two, we are going to take a deeper look into why children “misbehave” and where some of the symptoms of “acting out” are originating from.  In our previous post, we discussed a […]

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Fostering Effective Communication

Fostering Effective Communication: An Introduction

Fostering Effective Communication: An Introduction by Joshua Nave LLMSW “I never said that!” I start this blog today with one of the most common phrases I have heard in relationships, whether that is couples, parents and children, friends, or even sometimes with people at work. One of the biggest truths […]

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3 happy marriage tips, marriage counseling, couples counseling

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage

Here are 3 tips for a healthy marriage. It would be nice to avoid marriage counseling, but if you need marriage counseling in Grand Rapids, MI--the Health for Life Team can help.  Getting married is the easy part, staying married takes work. There is so many conflicting advice and opinions out [...] Read More