What to expect when in EMDR therapy.

EMDR: What to Expect

EMDR What to Expect by Joshua Nave, LLMSW Hello everyone!  In my previous post, I mentioned that my patients frequently asked what EMDR was, and though the previous post does well in answering this question, some of you may still be asking, “Well how do you do any of that?” […]

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co-dependency Grand Rapids

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it?

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it? by Paul Krauss MA LPC How do I know if I am Co-dependent or am in a relationship with Co-dependent behaviors? What is Counter-dependency? All of this and more is answered in this article by Grand Rapids Counselor Paul Krauss […]

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Depression in Men

Depression in Men is a Public Health Crisis

REPORT: “Depression in Men is a Public Health Crisis” by Paul Krauss MA LPC If you have lived in the United States in the last 100 years you are surely familiar with the fact that many men live with depression and “don’t want to talk about it.” Many men in […]

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grief counseling in grand rapids, MI

Why Grief Counseling is important.

Grief isn’t something you can “Just Get Over Quickly." Why grief counseling is important. We’ve all heard someone say: “They should be over it by now.”, “She should start getting rid of his clothes”, “It was only a pet for goodness sake”, “Honestly, she had been sick and suffering, she’s [...] Read More

effective treatment for addiction Grand Rapids MI

Learn about Effective Treatments for Addiction.

Paul Krauss is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI with extensive experience dealing with addiction in all forms. He provides counseling services to adolescents, young adults, and adults. Paul Krauss also works with a team of counselors at Health for Life Grand Rapids. You can call the office at 616-200-4433 or […]

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