Paul Krauss MA LPC is a featured guest on Shrink Rap Radio #652

Paul Krauss, MA  LPC was interviewed by Shrink Rap Radio host, Dr. David Van Nuys. Paul has been a long-time listener of the Shrink Rap Radio and credits the podcast for helping him find his creativity in the way he practices. In this episode, Dr. Dave interviews Paul about his […]

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New Year Goal or New Year Mantra?

New Year Goal or New Year Mantra?

New Year Goal or New Year Mantra? Anyone else feel like 2018 kicked their butt when it came to their goals? Maybe you had a new year goal to lose some weight, maybe your goal was to change careers, or maybe your goal was to beat the battle with depression […]

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Clinical Health Coaching

Health for Life Grand Rapids now features Clinical Health Coaching with Sarah Bramstedt who provides a range of programs customized to help you improve your health. What is Clinical Health Coaching? 1:1 Health Coaching is a wellness partnership for people who feel stuck or frustrated by trial-and-error in their pursuit [...] Read More

Health Coaching Programs

Get the Answers You Need: Laboratory Testing & Coaching for Optimal Gut Health Health coaching programs offered at Health for Life Grand Rapids. Food Sensitivity Testing & Health Coaching Take the guesswork out of finding the diet that is best for your unique body, and eliminate nasty side effects of [...] Read More

overactive bladder

Overactive Bladder Relief with Hypnotherapy

Overactive Bladder Relief with Hypnotherapy by Stacey Prefontaine Is your overactive bladder affecting your daily life? Tired of planning your day around the bathroom? Searching for restrooms anywhere you go?  Hypnotherapy can provide real, sustained relief from symptoms of overactive bladder. The International Board of Hypnotherapy just released the results […]

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When You Are Feeling Stuck

When You Are Feeling Stuck                So if you are a Midwest resident like me, it may feel like this past winter lasted a year. The skies have been grey, the temps cold, and sunlight was quite limited. It is environmental factors such as these, which can lead many of […]

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reiki in grand rapids

What is Reiki and how can it benefit me?

By: Billie Walters, LMSW / Reiki Practitioner If you have been seeking alternative treatments, there is a great chance that you have heard of Reiki but what is it and how does it actually work? Let us start by defining what Reiki healing is and then we can look at […]

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gut brain connection

What is the deal with the Gut Brain Connection?

What is the deal with the Gut Brain Connection? If you are suffering with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or a variation of another mental illness, it’s likely you’ve perused the archives of “Dr. Google” and found many blogs or articles talking of the benefits of a healthy diet. And you […]

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new year tips, rewind, reset, and give yourself permission, grand rapids, MI

Rewind, reset, and give yourself “permission” in the New Year!

How to rewind, reset, and give yourself “permission” in the New Year! by Jen Belmonte, LMSW, CHC It’s that time of year again!  Gym memberships significantly increase, families and individuals adopt healthier food choices, and many homes experience greater organization, cleaning, etc! But how do we approach the New Year […]

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postpartum support group dec 9th 2017 health for life grand rapids

Health for Life starts a Free Postpartum Support Group

Free Postpartum Support Group in Grand Rapids, MI The journey of motherhood often evokes so many different emotions…. excitement, joy, and wonder.  However, these are often accompanied by fear, worry, and confusion.  The responsibility of caring for a new life, combined with sleepless nights, work/home balance, and conflict with partner/family […]

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