Why I write myself love notes

Why I write myself Love Notes

Why I write myself Love Notes Like so much of the world, therapists are not immune to the temptations of negative self-talk and experiences. Many of us know the science, we intellectualize, and then like many succomm to rough days or past experiences and fall into the trap of negative […]

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post partum depression

Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression With all the hormonal changes after childbirth “baby blues” can be normal, but if symptoms last more than 2 weeks you may be a part of the 15% of mothers that have a more severe form of depression. There are many symptoms that could indicate you are […]

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relationship conflicts, health for life

Relationship Conflicts

Relationship Conflicts: Many people are suffering from relationship conflict. At times it can be hard to identify whether you are suffering from relationship conflict that has is now impacting your health and well-being. Some common warning signs are: Yelling Crying Feelings of being alone or isolated Chronic criticism Assuming the […]

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jennifer belmonte discusses how she can help you on your health journey

Why I stopped making fun of yoga …

Why I stopped making fun of yoga … by Jennifer Belmonte, LMSW, CHC (licensed therapist in Grand Rapids, MI) Truth be told, I am a former yoga-mocker. I could not comprehend how intentional body contortions and even the practice of stillness could possibly alter one’s physical health. After all, isn’t […]

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5 tips to manage anxiety as a mom

5 Tips to Manage Anxiety as a Mom

5 Tips to Manage Anxiety as a Mom by Nicole Vega, LMSW | CHC One of my passions as both a clinician and health coach is helping mothers overcome their feelings of anxiety. In society today it can be difficult to navigate life, even if you are not a parent, without […]

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