How the Media Convinces Us to Buy Stuff We Don’t Want

How the Media Convinces Us to Buy Stuff We Don’t Want

How the Media Convinces Us to Buy Stuff We Don’t Want By The Manly Counselor Part two of Media Consumption and Body Dysregulation One day I was sitting at home watching TV when it went to commercial break.  The first commercial that came on was for a fast food restaurant […]

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Learn more about ways for men to mindful

Manly Mindfulness (Part One)

Manly Mindfulness (Part One) By The Manly Counselor Tell me if this sounds familiar. You are told by a friend that they practice mindfulness and you wonder to yourself “what does that mean?”. Then you talk to that friend again and they explain that they go to Yoga three times […]

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Depression in Men

Depression in Men is a Public Health Crisis

REPORT: “Depression in Men is a Public Health Crisis” by Paul Krauss MA LPC If you have lived in the United States in the last 100 years you are surely familiar with the fact that many men live with depression and “don’t want to talk about it.” Many men in […]

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The Manly Counselor

Introducing: The Manly Counselor

There is a clear problem today in America with suicide being one of the top ten causes of death (1) for men in America. Suicide grows to being one of the top three causes of death between the ages of 10-45 (2) which is a staggering thought that one of [...] Read More

relationship conflicts, health for life

Relationship Conflicts

Relationship Conflicts: Many people are suffering from relationship conflict. At times it can be hard to identify whether you are suffering from relationship conflict that has is now impacting your health and well-being. Some common warning signs are: Yelling Crying Feelings of being alone or isolated Chronic criticism Assuming the […]

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men in therapy

Men in Therapy: What does it mean?

Men in Therapy: What does it mean? by John Curphey, MDiv MA LMFT There has been a major shift for men in our culture. In a previous generation, it was considered wise to “cut off” from your emotional self. In fact, for some, it was seen as a strength to be […]

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counseling for anger

What do I do about my Anger? (3 tips from Paul Krauss)

Paul Krauss MA LPC is a professional counselor in Grand Rapids who has a great deal of experience helping men, women, and teens overcome anger outbursts, irritability, and resentments. There are many good reasons to be angry and so Paul Krauss will not tell you to stop being angry. Anger [...] Read More