co-dependency Grand Rapids

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it?

What is Co-Dependency and what can I do about it? by Paul Krauss MA LPC How do I know if I am Co-dependent or am in a relationship with Co-dependent behaviors? What is Counter-dependency? All of this and more is answered in this article by Grand Rapids Counselor Paul Krauss […]

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Drug-proof your child. Get help for your child or young adult at Health for Life Grand Rapids

How to “drug-proof” your child with Mike Speakman.

The Intentional Clinician, Episode #4  How to “drug-proof” your child and more with Mike Speakman. In part 1 of my conversation with Mike Speakman LISAC, we discuss how to help “drug-proof” your child, and what to do about the drug addiction issues facing our community. In this vibrant conversation we discuss […]

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effective treatment for addiction Grand Rapids MI

Learn about Effective Treatments for Addiction.

Paul Krauss is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI with extensive experience dealing with addiction in all forms. He provides counseling services to adolescents, young adults, and adults. Paul Krauss also works with a team of counselors at Health for Life Grand Rapids. You can call the office at 616-200-4433 or […]

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