You'll achieve optimal health and wellness while getting to the root cause of what you're experiencing. Our therapists and consultants are invested in your deep and transformative healing.

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Where Transformation Begins

Health for Life is considered the trauma-informed counseling center of Grand Rapids, as we have multiple EMDR and Somatic Experience Therapy certified counselors. All of our clinicians are trauma-literate: From our Clinical Hypnotherapist who offers clinical support, Health Coaches and Naturopathic Consultants, we take your health seriously. We would like to offer you the gift of Health for Life—it is time to step into your journey toward wellness.

What We Can Do For You

Health for Life Grand Rapids features clinicians who aim to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We are here to help you get to the root cause of any issues you experience; we are not just offering a simple fix or a pat answer. We are invested in deep and transformative healing in mind and body. We are trauma-informed counselors and consultants who understand the human body and nervous system and how brain science applies to our lives. At the same time, we value authenticity, compassion, and empathy, and are devoted to taking time with all those we work with.

The clinicians at Health for Life Grand Rapids can offer you the highest quality of counseling services and Naturopathic Consultation in the Midwest. Health for Life Grand Rapids was founded by Nicole Cain, ND MA and Paul Krauss MA LPC. Both have over a decade of clinical experience and are notable leaders in their respective fields.

Using the power of Counseling and Naturopathic Consultation we can help you:

  • Identify the root cause of why I feel the way I do
  • Gain a greater sense of meaning, satisfaction, and enjoyment
    in my life.
  • Empower me with resources for achieving my goals
  • Develop healthy new relationships or connect more fully in
    my current ones.
  • Get rid of my depression.
  • Get the secrets for aging naturally and beautifully
  • Improve intimacy and trust in my love life.
  • Enjoy improved health without as many medications.
  • Increase my ability to become a top performer and high achiever
  • Learn about how to improve blood circulation, organ health, and immune function.
  • Learn how to handle anxiety, stress, and anger and feel better.
  • Gain powerful integrative tools for living my best life.
  • Thrive during challenging life transitions.
  • Keys to surpass the status quo so that I can start truly living.
  • Acquire a sense of wellbeing about my future.
  • Become informed on health and wellness from a vitalistic and
    holistic perspective
  • Start getting past my past.
  • Get an education on how I can live a longer and healthier life.
  • Strive to find more fulfilling and balanced work
  • Receive education about supplements that are right for me.
  • Improve my self-esteem and learn to treat myself with respect.
  • Overcome self-destructive behaviors, addictions, and habits.
  • Learn to have the healthy boundaries I deserve in relationships.
  • Become more mindful and attain freedom from triggers
  • Become more assertive and joyful.
  • Improve my relationships with my children.
  • Learn ways to live that will give me health for my whole life.
  • Learn to deal effectively with anxiety.
  • Understand the behavior of myself and others better.
  • Improve my relationships with my parents.

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After years of successful practice in Arizona, Nicole Cain, ND MA and Paul Krauss MA LPC opened Health for Life Grand Rapids, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, near where Paul was born and raised. They are passionate about providing powerful, safe, and effective tools to the Grand Rapids community utilizing Counseling and Naturopathic Consultation.

Health for Life Grand Rapids is a counseling practice that puts your mental health at the forefront with high-quality counseling services and integrative health care. We believe that total healing is possible by focusing both on your current health and into the future. With our counselors in Grand Rapids, MI, you will have excellent therapy services and Naturopathic Consultation to make powerful changes in your life. Our counselors advocate for your genuine care and will help you to achieve your mental health goals.

With the highest quality counselors in Grand Rapids, MI, we strive to provide both comprehensive and individualized mental health services to the community. Our experienced counselors, each with their own specializations, focus on your needs to give you high quality and attentive care. Through our holistic health process, you will be provided with your own care team to support you and your loved ones on the path to healing and wellness. Our counselors and consultants will work with you to really understand your individual needs and provide you with effective tools to have Health for Life. We will help to create empowering solutions for the challenges facing you so you can once again thrive and find fulfillment.

Come to the Health for Life Grand Rapids to begin taking the steps toward your best mental health and wellness. At our office, you meet with our counselors and Naturopathic consultants and we will help you achieve your transformation. If you are looking for counselors in Grand Rapids, MI then you are in the right place.

Paul Krauss MA LPC and Nicole Cain ND, MA

Paul Krauss MA LPC & Nicole Cain, ND MA

You Deserve The Best We will work with you to get the life you desire and help you get past a state of just surviving and into a place where you are thriving.

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Success Stories

  • Name - Nicole Cain, ND MA

    "Nicole Cain, ND MA is an incredibly talented healer, the best I’ve ever had. She gives you more than 7 minutes, nods, pokes, and writes a script for pills. She is like nothing you have likely seen before in healthcare. She’ll completely change your view of what is possible and what WELLNESS can be." - Actual Client

  • Name - Dr. Matthias

    Professional quote: “Dr. Ronald Matthias: I am the consultant I am today in large part because of Nicole Cain, ND MA. There is no better Naturopathic consultant that I have worked with who has an amazing ability to relate to her clients. She is tough, thorough, and detailed, and her clients love her for it. I am proud to [...]

  • Name - Paul Krauss

    Professional quote: "I'm pleased to recommend Paul as a talented and diligent therapist. During our time together as clinicians at Jewish Family and Children's Service, we facilitated adolescent therapy groups and staffed with each other regarding the clients and families we were both involved in providing services for. During these and other interactions, Paul consistently demonstrated professionalism, genuine care, [...]

  • Name - Actual Patient

    Patient quote: “Paul, I think I know why I can be open with you and not all of the other counselors I have seen. Because I deep down truly and fully and in my heart BELIEVE that you CARE, about me, and about everyone. That is how you made yourself SO good at what you do. And that makes [...]